Coronavirus Update & Recommencement of Racing

Dear Member,

Following the information from the Welsh Assembly Government and the RYA (Royal Yachting Association), I am happy to advise that we can commence racing from 2 August 2020 and that there are further amendments to the use of the facilities at the club following revised guidance .  Even if you do not race please take time to read the information as changes have been made.:


Only members of the club and their immediate household may use the facilities.

Attendance at the club is voluntary and all sailors, spectators, race officials/safety boat volunteers accept that being in closer proximity to more people increases the risk of contracting Covid 19. If in doubt do not attend.

All persons shall follow the current advice from the Welsh Government regarding social distancing.
Anyone who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19 shall not attend the club and prior to coming to the club shall undertake a self-assessment that they are clear of symptoms. 

Anyone who has contact with a family or household member who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19, shall not attend the club for a minimum of 14 days. 

Anyone who is quarantined due to Government Requirements shall not attend the club. 

If after visiting the club, you become ill with Covid 19 symptoms within a two-day period, please advise us immediately.

The facilities may need to close at short notice if it is suspected that a Covid 19 contact has visited the club.

Everyone shall wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before and after touching common surfaces including the entry lock and keypad– and always after coughing, sneezing and before and after arriving and leaving the club. Members should cover their mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and avoid touching their face, nose and eyes. 

All members should bring their own hand sanitiser in case none is available at the club. If you notice any of the cleaning products / hand sanitiser missing, please advise a committee member.

Keep your distance and avoid being face to face with people outside your household.

Everyone must be conservative and considerate in their actions around the club.Consider the current and forecast weather conditions and use the facilities within your limits. Be self-sufficient in terms of rescue, launching and recovery to avoid involving others. The use of mast head buoyancy is recommended for recreational sailing, to improve your ability to recover your boat from a capsize without outside assistance, thereby maintaining social distancing. 

The club house is not available to members except for the male toilet (now designated as a unisex toilet) that is available. Members shall use the hand sanitiser and sanitising spray available to clean surfaces before and after use to protect themselves and others. Water within the WC is suitable for handwashing but not for drinking. Access to the WC shall be controlled with a vacant / engaged sign at the entrance to the clubhouse to maintain social distancing, which means one person at a time, unless part of the same household.

Access will be available to the first aid kit, defibrillator and telephone.

Members must follow the requirements of the Club byelaws, General and Fire risk assessments and Covid 19 risk assessment (click to view).

There will be no drinking water available at the club and members should bring their own food and drink.  Please take any rubbish home.

Do not share equipment, drinks bottles etc with others outside your household.

Equipment such as lawn mowers and gardening tools will not be available, and members should bring their own hand tools to tidy their berths.

Members should change prior to arriving at the club since no facilities will be available.

It is proposed to organise formal racing in accordance with the following section from Sunday 2 August 2020. Members who are not involved in the racing are requested to avoid visiting the club between 09.30 and 13.00 on Sundays to reduce the number of people at the lake to give more space for social distancing.


The Welsh Assembly Government has advised that groups of up to 30 people (including race officer / safety boat crew) can meet in outdoor spaces as part of an organised activity provided those from different households follow social distancing guidelines.

All general requirements noted above shall apply to the racing activity, unless modified below.

A ‘Supervising Person’ shall ensure as far as practical Covid 19 guidance is followed by those attending. The ‘Supervising Person’ shall have the power to stop individuals or the activity if the guidance is not being followed.

The racing shall be on Sunday only, the first race at 10.30 with two races back to back.

Signing on for the race shall be done verbally, outdoors, at a social distance. Sailors and race officer / safety boat crew shall also confirm that they are not suffering from any of the Covid 19 symptoms and not quarantined before being recorded on the race sheet.

The racecourse will be displayed outside the club house.

Participants are reminded of the potential for social distancing requirements to be breached during launching and recovery, at the start line and at marks. Sailors need to allow more time for these to avoid congestion and be considerate to others taking part. Sailors need to think carefully where launching trolleys are located at the start of sailing to ensure access to the beach is not impeded and their trolley does not have to be moved by another household. When returning to the shore make sure other boats / persons are clear of the area before making your final approach.

When recovering your boat from the water’s edge to the roadway, consider coming up at an angle to make it easier. If some assistance is needed ask a person to push at the stern to maintain social distance. The person assisting and sailor should wash / sanitise their hands as soon as possible.

All boats taking part in racing shall be fitted with suitable mast head buoyancy, the buoyancy shall be enough to avoid the boat becoming inverted.

Racing shall not take place when the West Kirby wind guru forecast gust wind speed during the race period exceeds 20 knots.   

The safety boat will be manned by persons of the same household to avoid needing to comply with social distancing requirements.

The safety boat will be provided with a Covid 19 safety pack in addition to its normal safety equipment for use when a person from another household is likely to come within two metres.

If a sailor is taken on board the safety boat or comes within two meters of the safety boat crew this shall be recorded on the race sheet.

The RYA video link below is related to single crewed safety boats (our boats will have two people) but some of the content is applicable and useful for our situation.

Since the Safety boat will not be used by another household no specific Covid 19 cleaning is required unless it is used again within 72 hours.

These arrangements will be reviewed as new information is issued and following any feedback received.

I am glad we are now able to use the facilities to a greater extent. At the moment unfortunately, it is unlikely that the Friday night club night and RYA Training will re-start in the near future.

In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the facilities.

Kind Regards 

Tim Bowden
Commodore Shotwick Lake Sailing