News – Weds Talk 02 – Tactics & Strategy Around the Race Course

The 2nd of the Wednesday evenings on Tactics & Strategy Around the Race Course was hosted by Gaz Henshall and attended by racers hoping to gain that winning edge.

As Gaz promised, we did indeed learn why our fellow racers:

  • Tacked off then
  • Why they keep looking behind them on a run
  • Where on earth are they are going
  • And how they know to do that

We also learnt why Mark Nield comes flying in on a reach after a run and why Gwyn slams the brakes on at a mark… (you should have been there!).

Be sure to attend the next event with Gaz; he presents excellently on these topics and has an ability to make the complicated simple whilst going deeper for the more experienced sailors!

Many thanks to Gaz and contributors from all who attended. 😊

Watch out for the next in this series from Gaz, in the meantime….

  • Wednesday 22nd November @ 7pm – Rules night with David Battye (RYA Cymru Wales Regional Rules Advisor).  
  • Wednesday TBD – Tales from our Clipper sailors (Les and Paul)

We also welcome ideas for future sessions. If you want to hear about something or have some knowledge you wish to share then please let the Committee know.

Talk topics or social evenings can be about anything from sailing coaching to a games night with fish and chips.

We would particularly welcome hearing from non-racing club members and/or new members who might simply like a get-together to meet other members.

Please come along to the next working party to support the club and have coffee, cake and fun on Saturday 4th November @9:00 – New members – I will be happy to show you around and how to open up etc 😊

Maybe you have a topic or event you would like to run (I would be happy to help!), please get in touch!

Best wishes

Simon Dolman (

Simon Dolman