Weds Talk 02 – Tactics & Strategy Around the Race Course

Owing to the positive feedback we received for the 1st Wednesday Night Talks Session on Starting & 1st Beat T&S we have decided to put on another one.

This will again be hosted by myself (Gaz Henshall) on Wednesday 25th October at approx 7pm.

Have you ever wondered: 🤔

  • Why did they tack off then?
  • Why do they keep looking behind them on a run?
  • Where on earth are they going (I don’t mean when they are lost)?
  • How did they know to do that?

Well we aim to answer some of these questions and more through discussions, demonstrations and Q&A.

If you have burning questions about racing you are dying to know the answer too them bring them along and we can go through them.

If you want some 1-2-1 advice I except payments in the form of chocolates or cake 😃

Gaz Henshall