Sailor’s Brave Challenging Day

Today, Saturday 26 April, was the first week of our Start Sailing and Basic Skills Dinghy Sailing Course. Due to the windy weather the best option seemed to be to practice capsize recovery! ‘It was good’ said Elizabeth ‘I thought I would not be able to right the boat but with the instructor demonstation and encouragement it was easy’





I have been a member of the sailing club for over 20 years and involved in the Club Committee since 2004. Since becoming a dinghy instructor in 2004 and being responsible for organising our RYA training I have learnt more since 2004 than all my time previously! As well as a Dinghy Senior Instructor and Advanced Powerboat Instructor I also enjoy Yacht and dinghy cruising. If it’s a boating related question I am happy to help, if I can!