Select Your Own DutyMan Dates for 2023

Dutyman is open for you to make your own choices regarding duty dates for next season.

(You should receive an email from Dutyman with a reminder to select your duties.)
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Race Duties: 

Members are expected to help out with organising the dinghy racing on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Members can choose their own duty dates and can arrange swaps online when necessary.

Experienced sailors and racers are encouraged to undertake Race Officer duties and less experienced members are asked to volunteer for assistant duties to provide an essential second pair of hands. These duties can be good fun and are a great way to get to know other members.

You can view the duty rota here: DutyMan

Here are some helpful video guides for Race Officers.
Here are some helpful video guides for Safety Boat Helm and Crew.
(Safety Boat helms must be on the approved list.)

Members who do not volunteer for their own dates will be allocated duties at random.

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Shotwick Lake Sailing