Safety Briefing for Members Rev B 07/01/2013


Sailing, windsurfing and Canoeing are safe activities; the number of accidents is small compared with the number taking part. Taking part in sport activities is recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle.

However taking part in Sailing, windsurfing and Canoeing does have some risks. These risks can be reduced but not eliminated. In taking to the water everyone accepts the risks involved, you need to be self sufficient and not reliant on outside assistance. Also be familiar with the Club Bye laws these contain mandatory requirements related to safety.

Reducing the risks.

You can take steps to reduce the risks to yourself and others by:

  1. Ensuring your craft is seaworthy particularly in relation to buoyancy.
  2. Wear suitable personal buoyancy at all times including when on the pontoon.
  3. Wear suitable clothing particularly in the winter months to reduce the risk of hypothermia.
  4. Carry a sailing knife and whistle.
  5. Have some formal training such as those covered by the RYA. (A number of beginner & improver courses are offered by the club.)
  6. Sail in the company of others.
  7. Use the designated launching area and be aware of the rocky shoreline and slippy slipways around the lake.
  8. Know how your boat will respond in the event of a capsize and practice recovery in a controlled situation (after normal racing when the safety boat can stand by)
  9. If your boat is capsizing avoid being trapped underneath.
  10. If using a trapeze harness the type with a quick release hook is recommended.
  11. Keep your boat tidy to avoid being caught in ropes / sheets if the boat capsizes.
  12. Ask fellow sailors to assist in the recovery of your boat to avoid injury.
  13. Parents must supervise under 18s
  14. Under 16s must stay outside the galley preparation area.

If the worst happens:

  1. Provide assistance or call for assistance to someone in distress if you are able to.
  2. There is a first aid kit in the lobby to the club house.
  3. A telephone for emergency use is in the lobby to the club house.
  4. The location of the nearest hospital The Countess of Chester Hospital is shown in the lobby to the main club house together with other emergency information.

When the incident is under control

  1. Record details of the accident in the accident book.
  2. Record any near misses that may have led to injury in the near miss book.