Club House and Changing Rooms

Your Club House needs you!

Club House and Changing Rooms

Following on from the AGM and feedback from members the changing room facilities and club house access was discussed at the May committee meeting. As I am sure most members would agree our changing rooms could be improved upon, especially those for females (not sure you can get two in). In addition our disability access is poor.

Building an extension was looked at a few years ago but ground to a halt as it was not clear what was really needed and what was affordable. At the meeting it was agreed that we should ask the membership their views and to get a rough idea of what could be done with for example a budget of £30,000. A number of ideas were thrown around e.g. would it be an option:

  1. To move the ladies change to the opposite end of the building using a section of the main club room.
  2. Could the Galley be moved and the corridor used
  3. Would some form of conservatory or sheltered  outdoor seating area compensate for the loss of a section of the clubhouse.

We are far from experts but lurking in our membership there may be one or two! So before we ask Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen we thought we should ask if there is a member who is an architect, planner, surveyor or skilled practitioner in this area who could work with us to provide some ideas and rough costs.

If you are able and would like to help please drop us a line or speak to a committee member.

William Duffield