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The Scorpion Dinghy is sympathetically modernised classic.

Whilst keeping true to its origins, the modern Scorpion is a lightweight, wet ‘n’ wild two person

performance racing machine.

The ‘Scorp’ is a high performance 2 person (hiking) racing dinghy. The original design dates back to the 1959 with its hard chine and narrow beam designed for launch and recovery through the Cornish surf. The modern Scorpion still holds true to this design, the planning hull built to a strict set of measurements however rig and cockpit layout are open to personal preference. An adjustable rig allowing for the sail area to be de-powered whilst afloat, allows for it to be sailed over a large weight range and be raced in most conditions (usually when the other class’ are thinking it’s too windy, the Scorps are already out playing). Fantastic off wind performance with a 11.2m/sq kite and easily able to plane upwind but still being relatively stable the Scorpion is fun and rewarding to sail in pretty much all conditions and responds well when worked upwind. On land it is light weight (81kg) makes it easy to handle.