Christmas Pursuit Race


1. Optimists start 15 minutes before the Topper and have their own start sequence.

2. The Topper (Chris) will have the normal 5,4,1,0 start sequence.

3. The start times of everybody else, relative to the Topper start, are shown on the list.

4. It is the responsibility of the competitors to know their own start times! If you’re not on the list then please ask.

5. You may find it helpful to note who you are starting with and who is starting just before you.

6. The Race Officers will do their best to sound a signal for each start but it is your responsibility to start at the right time – so make sure you time the first start.


1. At the end of the race, there will be 2 sound signals.

2. Keep sailing the course but hold your position relative to other boats – no overtaking!

3. When the Race Officer has noted all the positions then there will be another sound signal and you can all come in.

4. Take a mental note of the boats just in front and behind. This may help resolve any issues.