Tactics & Strategy for the Start & 1st Beat

The first Wednesday evening event on Tactics & Strategy for the Start & 1st Beat was hosted by Gaz Henshall and attended by racers hoping to gain that winning edge.

Bagging a corner – Reading shifts – Pinching – Geometry – Line bias – Boat speed – and loads of other stuff were discussed with plenty of furrowed brows and chuckles too!

Many thanks to Gaz who presented excellently on the topic and also to those sharing their tips with the group.

We also welcome ideas for future sessions. If you want to hear about something or have some knowledge you wish to share then please let the Committee know!

Talk topics or social evenings can be about anything from sailing coaching to a game’s night with fish and chips! In the past we have had talks ranging from Racing Rules to Tim & Jayne’s adventures around Ireland.

We would particularly like to hear from non-racing club members and/or new members who might simply like a get-together to meet other members and get to know the club (how to open up etc).

Maybe you have a topic or event you would like to run (I would be happy to help!), please get in touch!

Watch out for the next Wednesday evening event 😊

Best wishes Simon Dolman (secretary@shotwicksailing.org)

P.S. You should have all received an e-mail from me regarding this event – please check your junk if you didn’t!!

Simon Dolman