2024 Racing Programme

We are now well into the Brass Monkey Series, so I thought it would be a good time to outline our racing calendar for the upcoming season. Much has stayed the same but we have some exciting new additions for you to enjoy.

Sunday Series:

Sunday MorningSunday AfternoonDates
Brass Monkey – 11:00am
– 5 races
– 1 each week
4th Feb – 3rd Mar
Early Spring Series – 10:30am
– 12 races
– 2 back to back
10th Mar – 14th Apr
Spring Series – 10:30am
– 14 races
– 2 back to back
Spring Handicap Series – 1:00pm*
– 7 races
– 1 each week
21st Apr – 16th Jun
Summer Series – 10:30am
– 16 races
– 2 back to back
Summer Pursuit Series – 1:00pm*
– 8 races
– 1 each week
23rd Jun – 1st Sep
Autumn Series – 10:30am
– 14 races
– 2 back to back
Autumn Pursuit Series – 1:00pm*
– 7 races
– 1 each week
8th Sep – 27th Nov
Frostbite Series – 11:00am
– 12 races
– 2 per day, lunch in between
3rd Nov – 8th Dec
Frostbite Pursuit Race – 11:00am
– 1 race
15th Dec
*The start time for the afternoon races are approximate and will be confirmed by the RO on the day.

Wednesday Evening Series:

Wednesday EveningDates
Twilight Series – 07:00pm21st Apr – 25th Aug

Monthly Regattas:

These all run the same, 2 back to back races in the morning starting at 10:30am. Break for lunch and the 3rd race in the afternoon beginning at roughly 1pm but this will vary slightly and be confirmed by the RO on the day.

Regatta NameDates
April Regatta – 10:30am28th Apr
May Regatta – 10:30am26th May
June Regatta – 10:30am30th Jun
July Regatta – 10:30am28th Jul
August Regatta – 10:30am25th Aug
September Regatta – 10:30am22nd Sep

Open Meetings:

Open Meeting NameDate(s)
Border Counties Midweek (Tuesday)14th May
The Solstice Cup (Friday Eve)23rd Jun
Lightning Open (Saturday)21st Sep
Miracle Open (Sat/Sun)21st & 22nd Sep
Gaz Henshall