Clipper Tales – Around the World Yacht Race

The 3rd of the Wednesday evening events; ‘Clipper Tales – Around the World Yacht Race’ was extremely well received by the members.

This was the story of the trials, tribulations and experiences of Les and Paul in the Southern Ocean back in November 2019.

A huge thank you to Les and Paul – a great double act who provided a very insightful, interesting and very entertaining evening (they have already secured their next gig BTW!!).

Goodness knows where Les’s three toenails ended up, hopefully not lost whilst he was on Mother watch! 😉

The audience really gained an appreciation of the endurance and extreme test experienced during the race, loosing toenails – broken ribs – broken elbow – brown paper bags (needed to be there!) – sea sickness – salt water coffee and 45 degree sailing angle to mention but a few.

Congratulations and chapeau to Les and Paul for completing this extreme challenge and many thanks again for sharing this with us all!


Be sure to attend next Wednesdays event: Racing Rules Evening with David Battye who is a National Judge and Umpire and also RYA Cymru Wales Regional Rules Advisor – so if he can’t resolve our ‘issues’ no one can!!

  • Wednesday 22nd November @ 7pm – Rules night

Please bring your rule book with you if possible and have in mind an unresolved or unclear incident from a race if possible.

David will use model boats on the floor to demonstrate scenarios.


Maybe you have a topic or event you would like to run (I would be happy to help) please get in touch!

I look forward to seeing you for a windy one tomorrow and on Wednesday.

Best wishes Simon Dolman (

Simon Dolman