Newsletter – January 2013

Happy New Year! It seems like such a long time ago now!

Here is the first newsletter of 2013, I did stuggle to find enough to fill it (hence the large print!). Since finishing it I have been contacted by the company who were offering first aid training last year, with a new date, 2nd March. If you are interested in attending just drop me an email. It will be £25 per person and it will cover you for instructor purposes.

Following the very wet end of year and snow in January, the lake is at the highest it has been for many years.  If this level continues it will make launching and recovering very easy at the start of the season!

Don’t forget the AGM.

SLS Newsletter 2013-01

Andrew Jones

I joined the club in 2010 having just not long completed a RYA L2 training course elsewhere. Spent a year sailing casually on a Saturday before taking the plunge and starting racing in Autumn 2011 and never looked back. I've been a bit of a boat 'tart' considering I haven't been sailing long having owned a Topaz Magno, a Laser Vago, an RS Vareo and lastly a Laser 1. I've had the Laser for over a year which is a bit of a record for me in terms of boat ownership. I have recently joined the Club committee in order to help with running of the club - 'The more you put in, the more you get out'. Having come to sailing later on in life, I'm very keen to look to ways to support and encourage adults to enjoy the sport and to look at ways to bridge the gap from the end of an RYA L2 course to fully confident and competent sailing.