Bart’s Bash – The Largest Sailing Event In The World

Andrew Simpson was a gold and silver Olympic medallist, an America’s Cup professional and an all round fantastic man who was tragically killed in a training accident on San Francisco Bay in May 2013.

Andrew, or ‘Bart’ to his friends, was the person that everyone turned to for guidance, from beginners to people at the top of their game. Supporting the next generation was something he was extremely passionate about.

Founded by Sir Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy OBE, Andrew’s wife Leah and his sister Amanda, the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation will work to honour Andrew’s life and legacy by encouraging youngsters into sailing.

Bart …

Introducing Bart’s Bash
The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation is planning a monster sized attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for ‘The Largest Sailing Event in the World’, which they are calling ‘Bart’s Bash’!

The idea is to have a mass participation club race across the UK and the whole World. They know that pretty much every club has a race on Sunday morning, with all kinds of boats taking part, the goal is to get everyone participating together to create one big event race. If they can get hundreds of clubs taking part, with just their normal sailors racing on the water, they will generate thousands of Guinness World Record Holders in Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson’s name.

If you do only one race this year, this is the one. Mark Sunday 21st September 2014 in your diary now!


Watch the Launch Video…

Visit the websiteBart’s Bash or the club specific page on the website for Shotwick Lake.

See who else is participating around the worldclick here.

Check back regularly to get the latest updates leading up to the big day.

Jon Edwards

I started messing about in boats at school, did my National Elementary Dayboat Certificate (a predecessor of the current level 2) in 1980 and have carried on ever since. My first sail at Shotwick Lake was back in '91 and I've been a member for the majority of the years since. My boat owning history is very simple; I don't do "narrow" as testified to by an International Moth, 2 Merlin Rockets and 2 RS300's, all of which are between 6' 7" (2m) & 7' 5" (2.25m) wide! But that said I'll sail almost anything and have in most cases, including the Laser, Laser 2000, Topper, Solo, Wanderer, Albacore, Wayfarer, RS400, RS100, RS700, 59er, Pico, Laser 4000, RS Vareo, Enterprise, Scorpion ..... Racing is very much my thing in all its forms, whether it is around the cans at Shotwick, the Merlin Rocket nationals around Olympic triangle courses with 1 1/2 mile beats, the Lord Birkett on Ullswater (200 boats; 19 miles) or the Round the Isle of Sheppey race (32 miles) with the unique feature of having to capsize the boat to get it under the bridge. I've even managed to fit in team racing in Pico's too! And as I advance in age I've even ventured in to yachting, doing the round the Island race on a couple of occasions. This is an annual race around the Isle of Wight with up to 1,500 yachts of all shapes and size participating.