Policy on use and care of Club Equipment



The club has recently obtained grant funding and has purchased a number of items of training equipment including new Wanderer dinghies; further grants are imminent for the purchase of topper dinghies, new safety boat and outboard engines. 

This is a significant investment for the club and the following policy is designed to ensure that we (club members) and potential members obtain maximum benefit for the investment now and in the future. 


Training equipment must only be used under the direct supervision of the following personnel: 

  1. Members of the Board of Directors including current co-opted members.

  2. RYA Instructors and assistant instructors registered with the Chief Instructor. 


The approach must be to treat all equipment as if it was your own. The RYA Training Centre Principle and Chief Instructor have particular responsibility to ensure the equipment is safe to use and is undamaged. This is a requirement of our RYA recognition. Any damage or defects noted during use should be advised to the    Centre Principle, and Chief Instructor. A logbook is located in the training equipment room which should log any defects or damage, how the damage or defects were caused, the date of occurrence, the personnel involved, if known, and action taken to rectify the defect. This should allow any pattern of defects to be identified and action taken to prevent reoccurrence. The supervisor noted above should log the defect. 

Because of the value of the training equipment held by the club, access to the training equipment room shall be limited to the supervisors noted above. The training equipment room should be locked at all other times.  

The supervisor is to ensure all equipment is properly stored at the end of any session. 


Equipment shall only be used for: 

  1. RYA accredited training.

  2. Taster sessions

  3. ‘Joy ride’ for potential members (Boat helmed by supervisor).

  4. Training / familiarisation / practice for instructors / assistant instructors.

  5. Safety boat cover during racing events.

  6. Other times as approved by the Board of Directors.


In the medium term it is anticipated that some equipment. (probably Topper dinghies) will be available for hire.

Equipment shall only be hired under the supervision of a supervisor as noted above who will be responsible for issuing the equipment and collecting the fee due and checking the equipment for defects and storing back in the equipments designated position.



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