Important safety advice re: kill cords

Following the safety bulletin issued by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch today which says that the driver of the speedboat involved in the tragic accident in Padstow was not wearing a kill cord.

Both Shotwick Lake Sailing and the RYA are urging all owners and operators of powerboats and RIBs to remember to wear a kill cord.

It is compulsory to use a kill cord on safety boats used on Shotwick Lake.

Remember: always wear a kill cord – The kill cord is there to protect you

  • Always attach the kill cord to the driver
  • All owners and operators of such vessels fitted with a kill cord to should:
  • Test them regularly to ensure that the engine stops when the kill cord mechanism is operated
  • Make sure that the cord is in good condition
  • Always attach the cord to the driver, ideally before the engine is started, but certainly before the engine is put in gear
  • When changing drivers it is strongly recommended that you should turn the engine off before transferring the kill cord from one driver to the other. The engine should only be restarted when the kill cord has been securely attached to the new driver.


Andrew Jones

I joined the club in 2010 having just not long completed a RYA L2 training course elsewhere. Spent a year sailing casually on a Saturday before taking the plunge and starting racing in Autumn 2011 and never looked back. I've been a bit of a boat 'tart' considering I haven't been sailing long having owned a Topaz Magno, a Laser Vago, an RS Vareo and lastly a Laser 1. I've had the Laser for over a year which is a bit of a record for me in terms of boat ownership. I have recently joined the Club committee in order to help with running of the club - 'The more you put in, the more you get out'. Having come to sailing later on in life, I'm very keen to look to ways to support and encourage adults to enjoy the sport and to look at ways to bridge the gap from the end of an RYA L2 course to fully confident and competent sailing.