2016 Duty Roster now open – choose your dates!

The 2016 Race Duty Roster is now on line. Take the time to go and have a look Click on the DutyMan link (rhs of any website page) or click here.

If you’re planning on being a club member in 2016, you can choose dates now that are convenient for you before the ‘dreaded’ random scheduling kicks in which can often leave people trying to arrange swaps. So please take this opportunity to get the roster in as good a position as possible before we begin the new season.

Until late on in January you’ll be able to make amendments if you change your mind around dates. After this, it will switch into standard roster mode where you will need to seek a swap to change a duty.

Choosing duties for early dates will be of additional help as we prefer to give as much notice as possible when we allocate duties to people.

Helping with a race duty can provide the opportunity to meet people at the club, and for those not familiar with racing provide a chance to see what it’s all about.

The Race Officer and Safety Boat Helm will be able to talk you through what’s happening and it’s often a good introduction to those thinking of maybe  joining in with the racing.

If you are familiar with club racing and would like to get some on the job coaching/training, then please get in touch – we can pair you up with an experienced Race Officer who can help develop your skills.

Remember that only authorised Helms can act as Safety Boat Helm. If you’re interested in doing this, then please get in touch and we’ll go through the requirements.

The club only works through the help of volunteers, not just for race duties, but at work parties, club events, the Galley, the Committee – every hour of time is really appreciated – thanks in advance.

Andrew Jones

I joined the club in 2010 having just not long completed a RYA L2 training course elsewhere. Spent a year sailing casually on a Saturday before taking the plunge and starting racing in Autumn 2011 and never looked back. I've been a bit of a boat 'tart' considering I haven't been sailing long having owned a Topaz Magno, a Laser Vago, an RS Vareo and lastly a Laser 1. I've had the Laser for over a year which is a bit of a record for me in terms of boat ownership. I have recently joined the Club committee in order to help with running of the club - 'The more you put in, the more you get out'. Having come to sailing later on in life, I'm very keen to look to ways to support and encourage adults to enjoy the sport and to look at ways to bridge the gap from the end of an RYA L2 course to fully confident and competent sailing.