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    Jon Edwards

    The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation is planning a monster sized attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for ‘The Largest Dinghy Sailing Race’ in the World Ever, which they are calling ‘Bart’s Bash’!

    The idea is to have a mass participation club race simultaneously across the whole country. They know that pretty much every club in the country has a race on Sunday morning, with all kinds of boats taking part, the goal is to get everyone participating together to create one big race. If they can get over 200 clubs taking part, with over 10,000 sailors on the water, they will become new Guinness World Record Holders for dinghy racing in Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson’s name.

    See Barts Bash for more details on the race and the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.

    What do you think about supporting this as a club? Is it something we should incorporate in to the 2014 race programme?


    Yes, great idea. Needs lots of publicity.


    Andrew Jones

    I’d suggest this is pretty much a given with a national event scheduled that the club should be part of it – book it in for 21st September!

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    Shotwick Admin

    I was going to email you about this, but got swamped last week in work. Think this is a big YES in capitols, cant see any argument against it?


    Dave Herbstritt

    Sounds a fun idea and we would support it, if it can be fitted into the Calender. It could well create opportunity for more camerarderie in the club to be part of something bigger.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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