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    Ideas put forward in the discussion have started to settle into place. Some were floated and sank, others are taking off.
    Rather than individuals sending in their own proposals, could we reach a consensus, tease out the points clearly for the committee to consider and put in a joint submission?
    This would be easier for the committee and members at the AGM to consider and carry more weight in a feasibility context.


    Andrew Jones

    Absolutely Chris. That’s the whole purpose of this exercise!

    When things get raised at the AGM, we need as a group to be looking at ideas that have been thought through and developed into a proposal so the membership can vote on it. The proposal needs to be clear and to the point and cover the idea, the benefits, costs etc. Too often in the past, we’ve had lengthy discussions which have resulted in an action to develop an idea further and come back with a proposal – we should aim to do as much of that before the AGM as possible.

    One other thing to think about is that many ideas do not need to go to the AGM for a discussion by the whole membership, and can be put forward to the committee at any point during the year. In fact, this is a better way to do things anyway as even if an item needs discussion at the AGM then it will have been developed before hand.

    To make this exercise work, we could really do with hearing a few more voices here – and it doesn’t always need to be about more ideas, but comments on the threads developing – even if to say you don’t think it’s a good idea


    Well, I tried emails and suggestion in person to members asking for contributions to the forum; the resulting apathy is obvious, however, when nothing goes right…. Go left.

    With a week to the next committee meeting, can I ask for a firming of AGM proposals and any other ideas for committee consideration outside the AGM. I’m assuming that the AGM proposals are those for which a vote is required.

    I’d like the ‘boat hire’ to go to AGM. There may need to be a separate vote on giving those finishing training courses a 3 month free membership.
    Similarly with the Committee minutes requirement.

    The development of Saturday and Wednesday afternoon activities and safety boat provision may better be left to the Committee as would the suggestion of reporting groups on specific ideas.

    Can I ask that one of you put together any “racing” proposals for a vote at the AGM? I really do not have the knowledge or experience to be constructive here. However, as an ‘outsider’, can I put in a comment or two?
    The traditional club racing group are getting older (how many 15 to 25 year olds are there in a Sunday race?) and whilst pulling in coffin dodgers is fine, it will not continue club development over a longer period.
    There seems to be a feeling that alternative racing formats, such Pursuit races, would be more fun and give a fairer reflection of sailing abilities than the simple handicap system. It would also give an opportunity for slight adjustments according to actual boat rigs where these remain within the class regulations but have been tweeked over the years.
    I cannot comment at all on the other aspects brought up during the discussion period.



    Message from Noble. They (and normal practice) is to include the hire boat cover within the whole club insurance cover. I guess that the resolution from the AGM will, if passed, include a reference to obtaining quotes at renewal time.

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