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    (I’ve suggested this to others so may have been discussed)
    Sails, and perhaps foils, can be a problem to some people who have to store them at home.
    A simple tube store, e.g. ventilation ducting with a closed end and a cap and padlock at the other end, could be used. Members would pay a small fee which would cover the costs in a short time.


    Andrew Jones

    There’s a few challenges that spring to mind here:

    1. It’s hard enough trying to manage abandoned boats – if we then move into this we have the risk of abandoned bits which the club could not easily dispose of and could be left having to look after. A way would need to be found to manage this without being a burden on the club.

    2. A way would need to be found to ensure that no liability for the items lay with the club. If the club provides facilities then it would need to be done in a way that liability for loss could not fall upon the club. Worth checking with insurers to see what their policy would be if you stored your gear in a club provided tube (maybe you provide the lock) and it was stolen.

    3. How many such tubes would you suggest, where would they be located and how much would it cost to set up?

    What I would suggest is to think these through, and suggest a potential solution/proposal including costs, location, how it would be managed and the liability position which the committee could have a look at. This doesn’t need to be an AGM discussion so can be raised at any time for discussion through the committee.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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