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    Shotwick Admin

    As the deadline has been past for proposals at the AGM. Can they be published here for discussion? Prior to thew AGM


    I wondered about this so sent mine off last night just in case I’d missed something and would be too late; they were –
    Club to hire Toppers
    Minutes of Committee Meetings to be published for members
    3 months Free membership to those finishing L2 training at the club
    Vouchers for same group if hire idea accepted.


    Andrew Jones

    Items will be sent out with Agm invite. We’ll list them on the forum for further discussion.


    Carl Jones

    They did not arrive with my invites. So can they be posted here for the sake of efficiency on the night at the AGM. Will save a lot of debate on the night


    Andrew Jones

    The majority of points raised in discussion would not need a vote at the AGM as they would not impact the constitution or impact usage of the lake. As such these can be taken forwards as ongoing items.

    Things such as storage, opening the clubhouse and providing more support to leisure sailing etc. The general ideas around these will be presented at the AGM, but need not be debated as no vote would be required.

    A number of the points were raised around the racing format etc. The view of the committee is that rather than a piecemeal approach to this, there needs to be a working group to look at this, get inputs from all groups and put a considered proposal forward. Without knowing the findings/recommendations of that group, it’s hard to say how any changes would be implemented – potentially some could be implemented without requiring discussion at the AGM whereas others would need to be agreed as they could impact on the availability of the lake to other users. Such items would be agreed in the 2015 AGM.

    In order to have a formal propsal discussed at the AGM, it must be submitted as per the details on the invitation sent out. Discussions in this forum will not result in a formal proposal, but as a means to help shake out ideas with other members.

    Going forward, we will keep this forum active (although will rename) to be used to discuss ideas throughout the year – by having a continual discussion, many ideas can be progressed in flight, or if requiring AGM approval, can be fully prepared in good time.


    The answer from Andrew is really encouraging and offers to open a door for more comment, new ideas and participation in the future. There are, however, two niggles which I’ll voice now and not mention again.
    The agenda is still secret despite the promise for items to be with the invitation and Carl’s request for them to be posted on this forum.
    If so many items discussed over the last few months do not need to go to AGM, why did not somebody say so?


    Andrew Jones

    In terms of promises, I think to be honest it was my misunderstanding of the process of the AGM and proposals. As I said above, I think the majority of points will move forward and the AGM will give a view as to how they move forward – e.g. looking a loan of boats, improved lake access etc.

    One area which will not change for 2014 season significantly is the racing format although there are some ideas around alternative race formats such as pursuit races. I expect that any significant changes in this area would come on the back of a working group proposing something which suits the majority of the memberships needs.

    I reitertate the point above that any proposal must be formally submitted as per the instructions on the invite.

    In terms of raising things to be dicussed with committee, I think everyone is learning here. My observation over the last couple of years has been that there’s a view that all items need to go through the AGM. What is now clear is that this is not the case. I don’t think that there was a deliberate not saying this, but more a realisation of this particularly when we decided to use the forum in this way.

    Hope that clarifies my comment above.


    Carl Jones

    Andrew I do not think your statement about the racing format not changing for 2014 can be strictly true (unless the constitution has changed) If a proposal is made as per the invite and the majority vote is to accept it, then it should be adopted into the 2014 season. The proposal window is still open as far as I know!


    Andrew Jones

    Yes, that’s true. I was thinking around the fact that there are a number of suggestions and to get something out of all of that will require some time and effort which wouldn’t happen in time for the AGM. I was responding around the discussions here and the fact that most can be progressed without recourse to an AGM proposal/vote.

    However, you are spot on in that anything can be proposed at the AGM subject to submitting in writing to the secretary by 5 Feb.

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